Bunk Carpet


Carpet #: BC67-8



Rubber backed marine grade boat carpet cut into lengths that will fit your boat trailer, boat hoist or boat lift bunks.

  • 16oz marine grade boat carpet cut into sizes that will fit your bunks.
  • Enter the number of feet needed in the quantity box. Price listed is per linear foot.
  • Fade-proof > 100% polypropylene synthetic marine carpet will not fade or stain.
  • Glue bunk carpet down and staple edges to prevent tearing while loading/unloading your boat.

Choose between 8" wide, 12" wide or 24" wide bunk carpet to replace the carpet on your boat trailer bunks, boat hoist bunks or boat lift bunks. It's important to use a quality marine carpet, thin felt material will deteriorate quickly and tear after minimal usage. Using real marine grade boat carpet will not only protect your boat but will prevent you from needing to replace your bunk carpet again.

5 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
Karen Cochran from Ada, Oklahoma on Oct 04, 2015
I recovered 2 of my 6 bunk boards with this carpet. It is great, quality carpet. Very easy to roll out exactly how much you need without having to cut for each board out of a large wide roll of carpet like you would purchase at a big box store! I will purchase more carpet from BoatCarpetBuys.com to do the rest of my bunk boards. Lots of colors to choose from also!
Chris C. from Clarkston, MI on Apr 28, 2015
Needed to recarpet my boat hoist bunks, so I thought I would give these guys a try. Was able to order the exact amount I needed without any waste (30 feet) and got my order in 3 business days. Much cheaper than my local marina and super fast shipping.
Ryan from Northern Ca. on Feb 24, 2015
Really nice durable carpet. Great for the fenders of my ranger trailer. Was having trouble finding something wide and long enough to cover as the fender boards are 8'x18" everything else was 8' and would not have worked. Very nice quality. Fast shipping. Thanks
scott from va on Sep 04, 2014
it looked as good as the original stuff that was on my trailer. that carpet lasted longer than the wood it was attached to did. this carpet was on my fender bumpers on my trailer. will order more soon to do my bunk boards. also got a bbc member discount.