Boat Vinyl Flooring Glue

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Carpet #: V-508



 Specifically formulated to work on rubber backed boat vinyl flooring. It is very important to choose the correct marine adhesive when gluing down your new boat vinyl flooring. This water-based, non-toxic marine vinyl glue will bond well with our vinyl flooring when installed on any clean wood or fiberglass surface. 

  • Low odor, non-toxic, water based boat vinyl flooring glue designed for use with marine vinyl flooring when installed on wood, fiberglass or metal surfaces.
  • Sold by the gallon, each gallon covers an 8'6" x 12' area.
  • Apply with a medium nap pain roller when temperature is above 65F for a minimum of 24 hours.
  • Install boat carpet & adhesive while the adhesive is still wet, do not allow to dry before installing your carpeting.
  • Protect from freezing, boat carpet glue will not work if it has been frozen.
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