28oz Pontoon Boat Carpet
(Boat Carpet Sold By Foot)

$16.99 $15.29

Carpet #: 7711-86



Boat Carpet Sold By The Foot

  • Enter the number of feet needed in quantity box (Every 1 quantity is 1 foot.) - 10 Foot Minimum
  • Luxury 28oz boat carpet is 8-1/2' wide (102")
  • If your boat is 8' you can easily trim the excess

Always Rolled, Never Folded

Our boat carpet is rolled rather than folded for shipping, this is very important.
  • Our boat carpet will come to you in an 8-1/2' long roll wrapped in heavy plastic for safe shipping
  • Marine carpeting cannot be folded because it will damage the rubber backing and leave wrinkles
  • We don't try to save money on shipping by folding the carpet in a box, we roll it

Incredibly Comfortable - Our Finest

  • The best pontoon boat carpet money can buy
  • Our 28oz boat carpet is the thickest, most comfortable carpet available for outdoor use
  • The higher the ounce or weight of the boat carpet the more durable & comfortable

Rubber Backed Marine Carpet

  • Our pontoon boat carpet has a marine rubber backing that is designed to glue down to your boat's deck

Boat Carpet Specifications

  • Fiber: 100% UV Stabilized Polypropylene
  • Denier:  2600
  • Primary Backing: Woven Polypropylene
  • Secondary Backing: SBR Marine Latex

Worry-Free Boat Carpet Warranty

  • DeckMate's marine grade boat carpet is covered by a 3 year warranty.
  • Warranty covers any fading or deterioration.
  • Please remember that this style of boat carpet is designed to be glued completely to the deck of your boat.

Care & Maintenance

Marine grade boat carpet is inherently stain resistant but you must remove the stain quickly to ensure it will come out. We recommend periodic vacuuming & cleaning with household detergents and warm water. This will help your boat carpet retain it's original appearance & prevent matting.

Pontoon Restoration Forum

  • Check out our pontoon forum for complete pontoon rebuilds and learn how to replace the deck and carpet on your boat
  • Visit our main pontoon boat website at www.PontoonStuff.com for everything you'll need for your rebuild project.
Reviews for 28oz Pontoon Boat Carpet
5 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
Craig Curtis from Overland Park, KS, Truman Lake, MO on Jun 20, 2014
Everything you need to redo your floor from the stringers to the rails, comes in this kit! I used too many screws per stringer and they still sent me more for free! Even though I screwed up.
A lot of other boaters come on our toon and the first thing the mention is the carpet. It is better than some of their house carpet! Great job pontoonstuff!
Pat Hardy from Alabama on Apr 03, 2013
Carpet is excellent quality..The sahara tan is very very light in color,thought it would be more tan in color
Sonny from San Bruno on Apr 03, 2013
The Tahoe carpet is Sooo much more plush than the OEM. There were no problems with making runs or shredding the the fibers around the holes I've drilled. There was just enough glue for my 19' 7" deck, but I was short about 6-8 deck screws placing them every 16" as recomended, and pilot holes were helpful too. The fence bolts were perfect and there were plenty. I feel this was a good buy for my family. I have two babies and one in the oven and I feel confident that there little knees and toe's wont be hurting after a day on the boat.
Bill Catalina from Northwest Florida on Feb 10, 2013
I agree with the first reviewer, the tan is very light in color. Other than that, great stuff. I managed to keep my control console on board while installing the carpet. Just didn't want to mess with removing all the "stuff." I layed the carpet lengthwise and slowly slid it under the console after I'd removed its screws. I then carefully cut a slash where the cable looms were coming up from the deck. Came out very well and saved me a ton of work. May not work for you but it did for me.
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